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January 31 2024

January Inside Scoop

New Project

We are pleased to be continuing our support to Laureus and the three London Model City Coalitions from January 2024.

New Client

We are thrilled to share we are teaming up with The Jockey Club.


Nicky will be working with the team to unlock the potential of their community engagement and support the development of their social impact strategy!

Content Focus

This month our content looked at Harnessing the Power of Digital Innovation where we shared the benefits of joining digital communities and the vital role they play in driving participation.

Thought Leadership Piece

Our piece this month looked at “Digital Communities: Catalysts for Active Engagement, Inclusivity, and Lasting Connections”.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry you can find it on our blog page here.

What's in store next month?

In February, we take a closer look at  Sustainability in Community Engagement & Social Impact Practices.


We will also share our latest glowing recommendation from one of our lovely coaching clients, Katie Legg.

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