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A little bit into what they do . . .

What we did to support them . . .

In July 2022, Nicky was proud to support Colleen Krenzer and M2 in better understanding how to be more business efficient and more effective in their mission to help primary-aged girls discover their physical, mental and emotional strength through movement and mindfulness! We created a 12 month development plan to support the organisation's refreshed brand and growth plans.

M2 offer schools in the UK a ready-to-activate programme for girls, Years 3-6, which combines the collective power of movement and mindfulness to strengthen girls' self-confidence and self-esteem.

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What they had to say about us . . .

“Nicky brought a view and focus that enabled us to better identify our business priorities and supporting actions. This in turn has enabled us to become more efficient and effective in our mission. Nicky knows how and when to push, getting you to move toward the strongest outcome and result.”

Colleen Krenzer - Head of Marketing & Communications for M2

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