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The East London Sport Talent Pathway and Nicky Affleck Consultancy Team Up

The East London Sport Talent Pathway (ELSTP), an initiative by the University of East London (UEL), has announced an exciting partnership with Nicky Affleck Consultancy. This collaboration aims to enhance the programme's ability to support and develop local athletes, developing a diverse and inclusive talent pool for both regional and national levels.

About the ELSTP

The ELSTP, launched by UEL, is dedicated to identifying and nurturing sporting talent among 11 - 17 year olds in East London. The programme's unique approach not only focuses on athletic excellence but also emphasises whole-person development, providing a comprehensive support system for young athletes. By partnering with local clubs, schools, and even self-selected individuals, ELSTP offers the necessary resources and guidance to elevate their sporting careers.

The programme's primary objectives include:

  • Identifying and developing potential elite sporting talent.

  • Facilitating athlete progression and performance success.

  • Offering access to alternative and non-conventional sports.

  • Diversifying the regional and national talent pool.

  • Implementing a holistic approach to talent development.

  • Supporting local coaches with talent development and professional growth.

  • Address the race, gender and socioeconomic gap in elite sport from an athlete and practitioner perspective across England's Elite Talent Pathways.

Partnership Details

To further refine and optimise the support provided to athletes, ELSTP will be teaming up with Nicky Affleck Consultancy to develop a robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) framework. This collaboration will be led by Nicky Affleck and Preeti Shetty, CEO of Upshot. Nicky and Preeti will be working alongside Elizabeth Stanton from ExtraMile Consultancy and UEL colleagues Hilary Lissenden and Louis Annan across the next few months.

The consultancy's support will include:

  • Creating and establishing an effective MEL framework.

  • Developing a theory of change.

  • Implementing a comprehensive data collection and analysis regime.

  • Establishing a knowledge management scheme for the programme.

Goals and Expectations

The ELSTP programme has been active for two years, with the initial phase focusing on understanding and enhancing athlete support to improve performance. Moving into the second year, the partnership aims to maximise and optimise this support by analysing the programme's successes and identifying areas for improvement.

UEL's commitment to this initiative is driven by the desire to create a blueprint for future talent pathway programmes. The insights gained from this partnership will help UEL understand the programme's key accomplishments, address its challenges, and explore innovative solutions.

The Journey Ahead

With the MEL framework in place, the ELSTP aims to solidify its impact on local athletes and the broader sporting community. This framework will ensure the programme's successes are replicable and scalable, inspiring a new generation of talent pathway initiatives.

The partnership between ELSTP and Nicky Affleck Consultancy represents an exciting step forward in the pursuit of sporting excellence and holistic athlete development in East London. Through this collaboration, UEL hopes to set a new standard for talent pathway programmes across the nation.


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