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Do you work alone or do you build project teams when looking to deliver for an organisation?

Anything is possible, depending on your organisation’s need and scope of work. I am well connected across this sector (and outside the sector) and am able to build project teams who bring various skill sets in areas such as brand marketing, marketing, content creation, communications, event management and others.

Do you have any experience in understanding or advising organisations how to adopt digital innovation?

Yes I do. For many years I worked both directly and indirectly with various digital organisations looking to support the sport and physical activity sector in adopting digital solutions such as search and book functions.

Are you able to support us with refreshing our brand or organisation identity?

The answer is absolutely. Over the past few years I have worked with some incredibly talented entrepreneurs in delivering discovery workshops to creating new brand identities as well as refreshing existing ones. This can include anything from creating a suite of assets that can be used on your social media channels, to 50 page all-singing-all-dancing brand guidelines.

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