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Why Work With Us?

Nicky Affleck Consultancy is a business consultancy founded in London, United Kingdom in August 2022. The consultancy strives to be a catalyst for purpose-driven change in the community. Our approach is founded on our core values of Purpose-Driven Approach, Collaborative Engagement and Transformative Action.


We place the needs of individuals and communities at the heart of our thinking, and always strive to be consistent in our principles and true to our values. Nicky Affleck Consultancy provides a range of business consultancy services including strategy development and planning, coaching and leadership and growth planning.


Our team is experienced and well-versed in fulfilling both retainer contracts as well as dedicated projects, complimented by our joint expertise spanning a variety of business areas. If you are struggling to find, recruit or retain talent to lead on short-term and/or part-time contracts, we could be the solution. To us, no project is too big or too small, and no contract is too short or too long.

  • We are a team of purpose-driven specialists with a strong working knowledge of the sport, community and charity sectors.

  • We invest our time in listening and understanding first in order to better understand the need.

  • We aim to provide value in everything we do and commit to taking our clients on a journey with us. 

  • We are well connected in the grassroots sport sector and committed to keeping our clients well informed on all relevant sector opportunities, including funding, partnerships and collaborations. 

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