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"Meeting regularly for coaching sessions with Nicky propelled me to develop and improve my CV, enhance my LinkedIn profile and connect with like-minded people in the sports industry. With Nicky’s advice and coaching, I feel better equipped to put myself forward for new opportunities and apply for exciting roles within my field of work. 

If you are feeling lost or stagnant in your career, want to develop your skills or just need a little boost, Nicky is the coach for you!"

Grace Clarke
Event & Student Experience Manager @ London School of Economics
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Strategy Development, Planning and Execution

There is no strategy without purpose and to stand out from the crowd, organisations need to consider the reasons for WHY they exist before the reasons for WHAT they are trying to do.

We team up with you, and challenge you to think differently about your purpose, priorities and direction.
  • Strategic Health Check

  • Stakeholder Consultation

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Implementation

  • Research & Evaluation


“Nicky has been an amazing person to work with on the Laureus Sport for Good Cities initiative in London and has shown guile, passion and unmatched expertise when working with locally led organisations. She has built solid reputable relationships with the people that matter most and has been pivotal in taking these leaders on a journey of change whilst striving to embed local leadership and learning. Her approach has helped foster a sense of community for our place-based work and has empowered the coalitions to work towards becoming sustainable entities with clear strategic plans and growth plans. 
Above all, Nicky has a great personality that balances high standards and results-driven approaches with authentic mentorship and coaching. She is patient, connected and empathetic and strives to ensure no one is left behind. All hallmarks of working in community development.”

Lee Parker
Senior Programme and Grants Manager
@ Laureus Sport for Good
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Personal Coaching, Individual & Team Development and Mentoring 

Coaching and mentoring have become key approaches, across many organisations in supporting both the personal and professional development of employees and teams. Investing time and resources into your people is what takes organisations from good to great.

We understand the importance of investing in people and empowering them to be the best they can be.
  • Personal Career Coaching

  • Team Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Business Coaching

  • Mentoring


“Nicky has brought creativity, strategic thinking and high level professional coaching and mentoring across a team of Development Coaches and the wider national School Games workforce. Through working collaboratively with colleagues and partners, Nicky has established vibrant and sustainable networks driving the development of school sport in local areas which has maximised relationships with relevant stakeholders to ensure connectivity. Nicky’s knowledge and experience across the sector is invaluable and her strong leadership skills inspire and challenge to achieve positive results.”

Ashley Hosier
National Development Manager @ Youth Sport Trust
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Programme & Project Evaluation, Programme Development and Sustainability Planning

Despite it not being a new problem, finding a way to make growth sustainable is one of the most challenging issues that all organisations face. What is seen to be working in one sector or organisation may not necessarily be the right fit for your sector, and the strategies you developed 5 years ago may very well be out of date.

We support and guide you on developing growth plans aimed at improving overall operational effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Organization Identity and Brand Purpose

  • Programme Design

  • Programme Development

  • Sustainability Planning


“Nicky is a conscientious and responsive growth consultant who thoughtfully guided CFHE through developing our 3 - year strategic vision. Supporting us in incorporating all voices and developing a vision that represents who we are and where we are going, we have a roadmap that truly reflects us, our community, and our mission.”

Dr Leeja Carter
Executive Director & Founder @ Coalition for Food and Health Equity, New Jersey 
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