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We will strive to place a strong
emphasis on purpose, making it core to our operations. We are committed to helping people and organisations identify and align with their higher purpose beyond profits.  This value guides our work, strategies and recommendations, ensuring that the organisations we work with contribute positively to their communities and wider societies.

Collaborative Engagement

We will strive to recognise that driving meaningful change requires engagement with a diverse range of stakeholders, including clients, employees, community members, and experts from various fields. We will foster an inclusive and participatory approach, encouraging open dialogue and shared decision-making to create holistic solutions that address community needs.

Transformative Action

We will prioritise transformation and social impact as integral components of our work. We will measure success not only by financial performance but also by the positive impact our clients make on the environment, society, and their local communities. We are committed to leaving a lasting legacy and sustainable difference.

A business consultancy driven by values


"Meeting regularly for coaching sessions with Nicky propelled me to develop and improve my CV, enhance my LinkedIn profile and connect with like-minded people in the sports industry. With Nicky’s advice and coaching, I feel better equipped to put myself forward for new opportunities and apply for exciting roles within my field of work. 

If you are feeling lost or stagnant in your career, want to develop your skills or just need a little boost, Nicky is the coach for you!"

Grace Clarke
Event & Student Experience Manager @ London School of Economics


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A Catalyst for purpose-driven
Change in the Community.

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